Please follow the process described below to apply to register as an approved Contractor. If you are already registered please click the link at the bottom of the page to log in.


Contractor Instructions

  1. To apply for Site Access click here
  2. List all employees who will be requiring inductions on this form so they can be pre-approved by a Red Stag Timber senior manager. Any persons requiring refresher inductions also need re-approval before they can continue with site access. If you have more than eight people to register then simply use another form.
  3. Once your site access request has been approved, please register your Company click here
  4. Once your registration is confirmed, you can add your individual employee details and provide them with Log-On password which will be confirmed by Red Stag security
  5. Please note that pre-induction drug test results are required.  Negative test results from an accredited third party testing agency, ie. TDDA or ESR, should be forwarded for each individual worker to within 2 weeks prior to start date.

  6. Please provide all individual employees with the Red Stag Timber - Contractors website link, and their username and password and instruct them to Log-on and complete the Red Stag Timber Induction and questionnaires

 Please download the Contractor Handbook here to assist your team complete the Induction.