Pith Tells Timber's Secrets

Identifying pith in timber...

Red Stag Timber structural products do not contain pith...

Corewood/Juvenile Wood
The first 7-10 growth rings contain up to 5 or more degrees of spiral grain, this reduces stability and corewood makes timber prone to distortion-twist, crook, bow & cup.

Contains the best structural timber characteristics. Spiral grain reduces to 1 degree or less in this region

Dark spot in the centre that contains dead wood cells and is considered a structural defect.

Growth Rings
In the corewood, growth rings are widely spaced indicating low density fibre. Low density means low stiffness and reduced strength, which is not suitable for high quality structural timber production.

Pith Tells Timber's Secrets

The Juvenile wood that formed early in the life of the log becomes corewood with widely spaced growth rings signifying low density. This area also contains a high degree of spiral grain. As a piece of kiln dried timber absorbs or releases moisture, the spiral grain causes the timber to twist in proportion to the amount of spiral grain in that piece. Consequently the timber cut form the very centre of a Pinus Radiata log will be highly prone to distortion.

Corewood is not as stiff or strong as outerwood and is highly prone to distortion when moisture levels vary. Pith is evidence that a piece of timber is cut from the corewood, and that it has poor structural characteristics.

Identifying Pith in Timber

Pith is a major cause of distortion

Pith identifies framing cut from corewood

Pith on the face of framing

Red Stag Timber structural products do not contain pith.

A clear sign that only the best part of the log is used in Red Stag Timber

Superior Structural Timber

The Red Stag Difference

You will not see pith in Red Stag Structural Timber or even our #2 Frame, Premium Fence rails, or in TVG retaining wall products – you are invited to go and visually check the quality of these products and our structural framing against any similar product in the market and confirm the quality yourself!

Merchants who stock Red Stag Timber have their customer’s very best interests at heart.

They stock a quality product sourced from the very best part of the log. This will provide the builder and the home owner assurance of lower wastage and significantly less remedial work on site.

This means higher profit and a noticeably better outcome for you and your customer.

Builders who understand quality use


Pith Tells Timber's Secrets

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